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Our concierge services are creatively designed to mimics your pet's day at home and to let you pamper them while they are staying at the resort.

Personalized Services

Room Service: Ice Cream Treat: $4.50

Email Postcard: One picture with an update during your pets stay: $9

Special Needs: Needs special attention due to injury, (can't do stairs, needs bandage changes, wearing cones): $13


These Services allows your pet to have "One on One FUN" with our Staff

Loves to be Petted (1 Service): Pet Me, Pet Me, Pet Me: $9

Loves to Cuddle (2 Services): Hold Me in the Morning & Kiss Me Goodnight: $13

Loves to Have Fun (1 Outside Service): We can Play while on a Stroll: $15

Loves Walks and Loving (1 Inside & 1 Outside Services): Rub My Belly & a Stroll, Just Me and You: $21.25

Loves to Go Go Go!!! (2 Outside Services): Throw My Toy, Throw My Toy & Let's Go for a Walk: $25.50

Ultimate Getaway (2 Inside & 2 Outside Services): Hold Me in the Morning Throw My Toy, Throw My Toy We can Play while on a Stroll Kiss Me Goodnight: $33.00


These Socialized Services allows your dog to really be active and enjoy our Resort Amenities!!!

Swimming: Lap-It-Up Fun Swim Time: $24.50

Daycare with Hotel: Daycare with Hotel (Must have attended Uptown Hounds Daycare in the last 90 days, for the newbies a $50 Evaluation charge will apply): $20 (add $7.75 to include swimming with Daycare)